CTS's website is now user friendly. Therefore except for some blanks that are not reflected on the site, like those below, you are encouraged go to  to view all current blanks.  

I now have access to all CTS products which includes FLY, SURF, BOAT, SPINNING AND CASTING, BLUE WATER, blanks as well as PARALLEL GRAPHITE TUBES, of any wall thickness,  that can be used for extending butt sections/grips of previously built rods.

If you are in need of a blank configuration not included in the main sections of the CTS site - go to the Prime-Build section.  You may also contact me regarding blanks of any length, line weight and number of pieces if you do not see it offered on the site. 



Affinity-DMO (Beach/Surf)
X-Fast progressive taper.  X-Fast progressive action.  57msi graphite blend.

Since these are all "one-off" blanks prices vary with length and weight catagory.  But generally in the $400 to $460 range for lengths from 12' to 12'9". for a 4 piece blank.
I have to give my U.K. friend, Mike Oliver, the credit for this blank.
Mike and I have been working independently on the "beach-rod" concept for 5 years.  Coincidentally, with CTS.  Mike designed a 14' blank for serious beach/surf fishing for Montauk and east-facing beaches on Cape Cod capable of huge grain weights.  His wish was for a 15'-16' blank of the same power.
At the same time I was working from the other end of the blank spectrum with 10'6"-11' blanks to carry 600-800 grains but loaded to the cork.
When Mike and I started to work together and fished with some of my rods he saw the advantage of a shorter blank, while he made me realize that I needed stiffer blanks.  Mike asked me to have CTS build him a 12'9" blank, to his design, capable of un-plugging a heavy intermediate line from the water and not folding while casting 600-700 maybe even 800 grains into the wind.  That was when CTS delivered our dream blank.
I have fished extensively with this 12'9" #11-12 blank and find it quite pleasing and powerful at the same time.  The tip is more lively than one would expect and the butt is powerful enough to deliver.

Also - don't overlook the DQ series above in shorter lengths (12'6) and higher line weights (11-12 to 12-13) than the blanks listed.  They offer a more "refined" OH blank.
Some over-head casters have reported casts up to 120' with 800-900 grain lines with the 12'9" #11-12.

Please telephone or email me for more information.

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