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The Latin Orient

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How To use automatic miniature camera shoot good photos Wanted┬ to┬ take┬ the┬ bestphotos┬ with┬ shaguaxiangji,┬ here┬ are┬ some┬ things┬ you┬ can┬ and┬ shoulddo.Use┬ itproperly,┬ people┬ won't┬ know┬ what┬ photographs┬ are┬ usedcameras.First,┬ the┬ first┬ thingyou┬ need┬ to┬ know┬ is┬ shaguaxiangji┬ limited.Here's┬ alist:1,┬ slow┬ autofocusspeed2,┬ general┬ lack┬ ofmanual┬ control┬ function3,┬ depth4,┬ does┬ not┬ support┬ theRAW┬ format5,┬ high┬ sensitivity┬ isineffective

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